Graduation PAFA 2018

After painting about 20 years in watercolors

I walked into PAFA for the first time in the Fall of 2008. I had signed up for a watercolor class with James Toogood.

Extremely curious about this gigantic art studio of a school I started asking questions. James told me of his graduating and that I might like to experience some other classes.

Well it was like Alice falling down a wonderful magical stairway for me. I started taking many CE continuing education classes pretty much 12 months a year.

Charcoal, oils, interior spaces, and many other wonderful teachers. I got hooked.

Then it seemed like an impossible dream to be a full-time certificate student. I had 6 children, finishing high schools, going to college, graduates, grad schools. Marriages Becoming a grandma 5 times.

But then I just jumped.

Tonight is the ASE, I’ve dedicated my wall to my mom, whom I’ve tried to spend much more time with, helping my siblings and going through that door with a mom’s recent dementia.

Tomorrow, I graduate among the most amazing students and faculty whom taught me so much. I will miss everyone from the wonderful guys at the parkway behind the school, to the greeters, security, and environmental specialists.

We’ve had an unexpected move to the Poconos, and On reflection as I graduate, I’m just hoping to make PAFA  proud, If I can do it you can too.

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