I Don’t Know

Are you an artist? Am I an artist?   Was Pablo Picasso an artist? He is often quoted as saying , ” every child is an artist, the matter is how he remains an artist, once he grows up”

i have one more semester of art school, my inner artist is all bottled up, happy, confused, bewildered a little bit. Wanting to live life, breathe. I told my teachers, they all say, I’m in a good place.

Today I got to spend time with two family members who are near my age, they teach college up north. They teach drama and acting, one I’ve often seen in shows. I was like so happy to share how I feel with two artists of another discipline. I heard the same from them. I’m in a good place. They were surprised to hear it happens to fine artists. They hear it from their students too. I can hug my place. Be where I am.

I have a lot of changes coming up, a big move.  I think moving is on the national list of trauma. Well it’s gonna be a little hard considering I will be leaving the home I’ve raised my 6 children. Gave birth to 2 and have many memories there. So I will be organizing and packing and I hope doing some art along the way.

Its all good.

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